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I am applying to an English-based liberal arts curriculum at Sophia University in Japan.


I have applied to this university previously and didn’t receive an offer. I’m guessing my admission essay is weak and not eye-catching, as I struggle on completing a creative, outstanding essay for the university to be interested in. As this is a liberal arts major, I believe writing a creative essay (story based, not a structured essay) is preferable.


The text below is some simple information about me as a student that could be needed for the essay:


– I am a Japanese IBDP student (International Baccalaureate) in an international school in Nagoya Japan.

– Link to the website of the university I am applying for very useful information:

– I have a strength in leadership and am able to socialize easily as an outgoing person which I tend to emphasize in many of my essays

– For the subjects, I take HL Mathematics A&I, HL Japanese, HL Biology, SL English Lang&Lit, SL Economics, and SL Visual arts. The reason I was not able to take HL economics is due to the schedule my school was not able to offer.


The text below is the instructions I am required by the university for the admission essay:

  • The applicant must give the reasons for wishing to study at the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia University.

  • It should be approximately 500 words in length and type in English on the provided form.


Please kindly find the attached document that has my achievements, extracurricular activities, and other information that could be used in the admission essay.