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Rubric: Need only below: 2 parts in addition to Referece page are due now. Sources within the last 5 years unless we have to use one that is older but we need to say or specify why we are using it.


Background and Significance  ofthe Problem,
Development of PICO or PICOT question.



Exceptional clear  and succinct explanation of significance and need for the clinical question. Development of high level  PICO(T) question

that can influence clinical practice.  (Explanation of all components of PICO or PICOT in FHN I only) States a minimum of 2 background

questions needed to increase understanding of the clinical question and explain why they are relevant. Background questions should be answered in literature review.


  1. Theoretical Model to Guide for Evidence Based Research
    (ACE Star Model or Iowa Model)
    ½-1 page
    Model overview and model constructs are exceptionally and succinctly defined and applied to the process of

answering the PICO(T) question. Guides research application to clinical practice.

2- Reference page

  1. Referecne