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explaining the connections and developing insights

In Project 2, you’re selecting and carefully reading a collection of texts in order to make connections among them (synthesizing). In this essay, you will be participating in the conversation among those texts by explaining the connections and developing insights and your own conclusions about the question or issue you see the texts collectively addressing.

The texts you examine will include at least one of the texts you read for Project 1 (Tan, Amanat) or the Young essay as well as two additional texts. The focus of this project is connected to the study of writing and language (building on Project 1), but you will move into a new, more specific direction as you make choices about what to read and think about.

The process and writing skills you will develop in this project involve close and active reading and understanding and analyzing texts by other writers. This is a first and critical step in being able to compose a focused and insightful synthesis. Another skill to practice in this essay is finding ways to incorporate your own ideas in response to an issue or a question that you identify in the texts. Along the way, you’ll also be learning important lessons about quoting and paraphrasing, as well as academic integrity. You won’t necessarily master any of these skills in Project 2. Synthesizing skills require lots of practice and are used in all majors, disciplines, and professions. You will get more practice with these skills in Project 3, and then many more opportunities beyond this class, throughout your college career.


My topic : Is there a Right or Wrong English?

We ask ourselves what even is English? Then we wonder what Language? Language is a system of conventional spoken, signed or written symbols used for expressing oneself.
Language is more than just a collection of words; it is a living thing that ties a person to his or her family, identity, culture, music, beliefs, and knowledge. It is the conduit for the transmission of history, traditions, customs, and folklore from one generation to the next. No civilization can survive if it does not have a language. Our language is a reflection of who we are. No matter how it is used, language is a tool. It is a tool used to pass down information from one person to another.
Why do we have traditional English though? Why do we get tested on Standard English practice? How can there only be one right version of English when everyone has different backgrounds, culture, etc?