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Explain what healthy moral reasoning is. Give at least 4 examples of how adults can foster healthy moral reasoning in children.
Please include the following:

– Use APA style citations and include at least 4 citable sources.

– Examples about Piaget’s moral realism and moral relativism when exmapling what healthy moral reasoning is.
– When outlining 4 examples about how adults can foster healthy moral reasoning please pick and elaborate from the following examples (or if you have other examples, please at least include 2 from this list):
    – Challenge their egocentrism by asking questions such as, “How would you feel if someone did that to you?” when they violate others rights
    – Require kids to give reasons for what they want.
    – Play developmentally appropriate games with them.
    – Praise them for observing social conventions such as saying “please” and “thank you”
    – When punichment is necessary, provide them with an explanation, advice on how to avoid punishment int he future, and a way to repairing any damage their misbehavior has caused.
    – Teach them about reciprocity: “We do nice things for you, so you should be willing to help us”
    – Give them meaningful chore so they will think of themselves as important family and community members.
    – Help encourage them to base obedience on love and respect rather than fear.
    – Teach them religious and pilosophical values, including the idea that some actions are right and others are wrong, regardless of circumstances.
    – Include them in charitable projects, such as food drives, to extend the idea of love and caring beyond their own families.