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JOURNAL TOPIC: Explain the purpose of Om Prakesh, Pandit Vidyanath and the bees in “Delhi”.

  • You will not write a summary.
  • You probably also realize that your explanation will be more effective if you cite examples properly from the story to prove your theory.
  • Three or four paragraphs will be satisfactory: Intro/thesis –> discussion/proof –> conclusion.
  • This assignment is worth twice as much as a regular journal. 

A references list is required, even if you only cite the story. If you undertake research to help you understand this story, that’s great, you must source them properly, according to APA standards. The  same goes for quoting the story itself. Citations are necessary there too.

Sample Citation for a direct quote:

“He carries with him at all times a thick, somewhat shabby notebook, one half of which is dedicated to recording these temporal adventures.” (Singh, 2004, p.3)