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Instructions1. Identify a clinical problem.2. Use the clinical healthcare environment to explore and discuss your topic in the clinical setting. Collaborate with your clinical faculty regarding the unit’s policy and procedure and current practice guidelines on the topic. 3. Compare the unit’s policies and current evidence on the topic and prepare a presentation following the attached grading rubric. Synthesize the literature and present current information about the topic and discuss the impact on the safety of patients, quality of care given, and how to make the care more patient-centered.4.Individually prepare and write a 2-3-page APA formatted (7th edition) evidence-based practice paper emphasizing best practices within the topic. The paper must include a minimum of 3 nursing articles written within the past 5 years as well as integration of a least one QSEN competency within the evidence-based paper. The following topics may be used however the list is not inclusive:

Infection of  Catheters (CAUTI) and evidence based practice