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  1. Introduction:  Briefly describe the Community Kearny NJ – giving a relevant profile that introduces the problem, including the geographical boundaries. MUST INCLUDE % OF UNISURED CHILDREN (9.2%) I CAN PROVIDE THIS DATA SOURCE
  2. Statement of the Problem:  Background and Significance in context of the community consider overview of the topic as presented via the current literature (relatable to your community profile) UNINSURED CHILDREN IN NJ

Ø  The problem must be validated by data relevant to your identified community

Ø  The background must be presented from peer reviewed professional literature

  1. Integrate the relevant correlates in the community that impact the commonly problem with support from the literature

Ø  The discussion should relate how the community problem impacts the community and how the community impacts the problem using literature support  

  1.    Discuss the of problem and relationship of relevant social determinants of health, culture,               HEALTHY PEAOPLE 2030,  etc.

Ø  Discuss the relevant* social determinants using the data from the community profile and supporting literature that explains the relationship i.e., if unemployment is a social determinant provide the data from your community and explain the relationship from the expert perspective; cite accordingly –  follow through with additional determinants (minimum of three)

*social determinants discussed must be relevant to your community (POVERTY, IMMIGRATION STATUS, ACCES TO HEALTHCARE)

  1. Recommendation for practice – Apply evidence-based practice interventions* include current or proposed collaborative partners and community resources ( PER EXAMPLE COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND EDUCATION)

Ø  Interventions must be a COMMUNITY (not individual) evidence based approach; focus nursing

Ø  Consider community partners, resources (SCHOOLS, CHURCHES, DOCTORS OFFICES)

Ø  Supported by relevant  literature – peer reviewed professional journals

  1. Grammar/Paper format/Organization: Scholarship is important – Use University or online

           Resources as   necessary – review BlackBoard for Assists

  1. References: APA Format and Style 7th ed. required throughout paper –references are recent (5-             7 yrs.). Preferably nursing; limited international Maximum pages – 8 excludes Cover and reference page   (abstract; sub heading not required)