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Evaluating tokens

Included below are five white papers created by initiatives introducing tokens into their ecosystems. As you explore these white papers, think of yourself as a potential investor, paying special attention to the overall quality of the business idea and the use of tokens.

  1. Kin: A decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life
  1. Giftcoin: A cryptocurrency for charitable causes
  1. Civic: Identity verification
  1. Ambrosus: Food supply chain
  1. Beepnow: A skill-sharing platform


Select two of the white papers and evaluate each of them according to the following criteria:

  • Business idea: What is your overall impression of the business idea? Is it a novel concept and does it sound feasible?
  • Team: Does the team involved have the right set of skills and technical expertise to successfully drive the proposed business idea?
  • Four choices for entrepreneurial strategy: What choices has the team made in terms of competition, identity, technology, and customer? Refer back to the criteria outlined by Scott Stern in Module 1.
  • Legal issues: Do you see any potential legal or regulatory issues in the proposed project?
  • Use of tokens: How has the project team decided to use tokens? Is this idea feasible?
  • Reduction in cost of verification: Does the initiative take advantage of the reduction of cost of verification? If yes, how?
  • Solutions to the last mile problem: Is there any evidence of the last mile problem? What solutions has the project team come up with to cross the last mile?
  • Investing in the initiative: Would you invest in this project? Why or why not?