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Evaluating David Davenport in his article “Why the price may be too high” is the focus of the essay, no need to research anything.
Read the instruction below carefully. 
It requires Introduction, 3 body paragrwaph, Conclusion. I will not take the essay over 5 paragraph. 

Goals:1) To summarize accurately the author’s main arguments and main points. 2) To critically evaluate academic worth and strength of arguments contained within the text in the light of available evidence.Topic:In the early days of the internet, it was thought that anonymity would create a free and open space that would allow people to express themselves without fear of reprisals or prejudice based on social status, gender or race. However, it now appears that that expectation may have been overly optimistic. Computer Engineering professor David Davenport argues in the article “Anonymity on the Internet: Why the Price May Be Too High” that it is accountability rather than anonymity that will lead to greater freedom and justice. Indeed, he believes anonymity is so harmful that it could lead to an “incremental breakdown of the fabric of our society” (33). In light of what you have read in other articles about the advantages and disadvantages of online anonymity, and based on what you already have experienced in your own online communications, what do you conclude about Davenport’s argument? This essay assignment requires you to write an evaluation of David Davenport’s article. Your evaluation should critique three points – at least one of these points must discuss the content of Davenport’s argument. (Let me know if you would like to critique only two points – it is possible, but the paragraphs tend to become unwieldy.) You may also choose to discuss the effectiveness of how Davenport makes his argument and supports it. You MUST include a secondary source to support your evaluation in at least one body paragraph (may be more). An evaluation requires the writer to summarize the ideas from the article and to express his/her opinions about them.Required Reading “Anonymity on the Internet: Why the Price May Be Too High” by David Davenport.Additional ReadingsYour critique must integrate ideas from at least one of the following sources in one paragraph or more:“How to Fix the Internet” by Walter Isaacson“The Psychology of Online Comments” by Maria KonnikovaAdditional Requirements:1. An introduction paragraph with all its elements: Hook, context, and thesis.2. A clear thesis statement, which states the writer’s overall opinion of the article and the reasons for that opinion. (Each reason should be discussed in each body paragraph).3. Three body paragraphs summarizing and evaluating three points/arguments.The paragraphs should include: a) argumentative topic sentences, b) summary of the authors’ ideas in relation to topic sentence, b) evaluation of the point being discussed, c) evidence from the other required readings supporting the writer’s evaluation, d) at least one quote per paragraph, but not more than two, e) analysis of the quote, and d) a concludingsentence that re-states the main point of a paragraph and transitions to the next.4. A conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main points of the article and re-states the thesis.