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You are required to produce a case study critically evaluating the role of diagnostic imaging in the management of a patient. Ideally, this should relate to a patient you have come across whilst on placement. The case study should consider the patient pathway from initial presentation through to future management.

The case study should cover the following four sections:

  1. A brief background/introduction (what the patient is presenting with, prior investigations)

2.You should then focus your assignment on how diagnostic imaging contributes to the overall management of your patient. This is the essential and main part of your case study. What diagnostic imaging test have they presented to the department for? What other diagnostic imaging tests have they had/may they be having? How does this compare with what the literature recommends? You should evaluate the diagnostic imaging tests by considering their diagnostic accuracy, sensitivity/specificity, and the diagnostic/therapeutic impact together with the patient outcome. You are expected to explore and evaluate contemporary research/journals etc. and compare these findings/recommendations with what you have observed in practice.

  1. What treatment may the patient receive?
  1. How will they be managed in the future? What role does diagnostic imaging play in this?

Remember to ensure that the case is fully anonymised.

Your attention is drawn to the level 2 marking descriptors.

Your knowledge base, analysis, evaluation, and ethical understanding are essential aspects   and you MUST achieve in these areas if you are to obtain a pass in this component.

Not sure how many references are needed,  if writer more/less is needed that is fine.