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evaluate how well the authors’ evidence supports their position

The main goal of the Critical Review assignments is for you to examine an argument, evaluate all the evidence, and reach conclusion that you can defend. You are expected to describe the author’s position and supporting evidence, evaluate how well the authors’ evidence supports their position, present the findings of your research that either refutes or supports the author, and then discuss whether you agree or disagree with the author.

You must also cite a minimum of five references you intend to use to support your argument. At least three (3) of the references must be primary peer-reviewed journal articles.
  1. newspaper articles published within the last six months;
  2. At least Three primary journal articles- these are NOT limited to the last six months
  1. The 1100 words limit DOES NOT INCLUDE the title page and reference list!
  2. Include a title page with at least the following information: Title of the paper;

Your name; The number words in the essay.

  1. You must include at least FIVE peer-reviewed journal articles as references.

Use the following format:

  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12 point
  • Margins: 1-inch margin on left; 0.5-inch margin- top, bottom and right
  • Text: double spaced
  • Titles and Headings: bolded and/or underlined
  • Page numbering: Yes- at the bottom right-hand corner of the page
  • Tables and Figures: Refer to these in your text and attach these after your list of references.
  • List of References: Follow the author-year similar to that outlined for the first critical review.
  • Do a word count of text and indicate the number of words on the title page.

You are expected to develop and defend your own independent conclusions based on all the evidence examined.

Finally, conclude by proposing any further questions on this topic you think should be addressed in the future.

You must provide substantial citations for the material discussed in your paper. These citations MUST be referenced at the end of the body of your paper.