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Ethical Principles to be followed by the U.S health care system for childbearing-age women who do not have maternity coverage and do not qualify for Medicaid Insurance

– Harmless Decision Making or NON-MALEFICENCE

The U.S. healthcare system must not take any decision in the situation mentioned in the question that can harm other individuals or effects society in a negative way. They should support the patient without harming anyone.

– Justice or Fairness

The U.S. healthcare system must follow this principle to deal with childbearing women without maternity coverage. The hospital or nursing staff should not do any false activities that can harm the patient for the sake of money. They should provide equal treatment as other patients get with keeping the finances aside.

– Policies and Rules

The U.S. healthcare system must develop some strict policies and rules to be followed by all the patients as well as staff. All the actions by the hospitals must adhere to such policies and contribute to making the health care system better.

– Training and Knowledge

The U.S. healthcare system must educate all the qualified staff about the actions to be taken in different situations. All the staff handling such patients must be knowledgable to all the actions to avoid any harm to the patient or negligence of following the law.

– Safety

Developing and maintaining a system of complete safety of women without maternity insurance.

– Financial Benefits

For such patients, the U.S. healthcare system can make a principle of supporting them financially or helps them in getting a low or no-interest loans from banks.

– After Birth Benefits

Again helping a woman without maternity insurance financially even after the birth of the child can support her in raising the child with less financial burdens.