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This unit looks at how we perceive things based on our ethical background and culture.
We understand there is a right and wrong way to do things. Using your thought process
and professional ethics, analyze the scenario in criminal justice.



You are working with a juvenile probation agency. One weekend, you are out with
friends in a downstairs bar frequented by college students. To your surprise, you see
Sarah, a 16-year-old probationer, dancing. In watching her, you realize that she is drunk
and, in fact, is holding a beer and drinking it while she is dancing with a man who is
obviously much older than she is. You go over to her, and she angrily tells you to mind
your own business and immediately leaves with the man. Later she comes back into the
bar and pleads with you to keep quiet. She is tearfully apologetic and tells you that she
already has had several violations of her probation and at the last hearing was told that
if she has one more violation, she will be sent to a juvenile detention center. You know
that Sarah has been doing much better in school and plans to graduate and even go to

Read the case study found in the textbook in Chapter 1, page 22, situation 4.

Pollock, J.M. (2018). Ethical dilemmas and decisions in criminal justice (10th ed.).
Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Describe the ethical dilemma faced by the law enforcement officer.

Explain the ethical system that you used to analyze the dilemma.

Discuss the area of ethical concern for the law enforcement officer.

Discuss the ways in which ethics, trustworthiness, and responsibility influence
those working in the field of criminal justice.

Based on the dilemma,

o Discuss the morals and ethics.

o Should the law enforcement officer file a report? Provide a detailed
explanation for the decision.

CRJ401 – Ethics ad Discretion in Criminal Justice

Ethics Case Study
o What would the report say if one is filed?
o What influenced you to decide whether to file a report or not?

Identify the reasoning that you personally used to make the

Are there influences in your life that contributed to this decision?


Minimum three pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference page.

APA format, including an in-text citation for referenced works.

At least two resources.