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Ethical and moral issues in Nursing as it relates to staffing burnout

Based upon the subject matter selected by you, write a 18 page paper, excluding the title page, abstract, appendices, and references utilizing the APA 7th Edition Guidelines. A minimum of 12 references that have been published within the last five (5) years is required. All references must come from peer-reviewed journals, edited texts, or textbooks. Websites are not included in the required references. The utilization of Grammarly may be beneficial in the writing of your paper. Grammarly is an online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform.

• Include a summary introduction and historical overview describing what is at stake and your position on the issue.
• Identify and discuss the ethical principles, theories, virtues, and/or values. Include arguments or contextual information from reading readings. • Weigh the (ethical) strengths and weaknesses of the available courses of action.
• Argue for a course of action and defend that argument against at least one serious objection. Grading Criteria Point Assignment Within
1) What is the ethical issue/problem?
2) What are the ramifications of this ethical issue in the United States? Are there any global implications?
3) Are there any additional legal issues present?
4) What facts have the most bearing on your ethical decision about the issue/problem?
5) Are there any other external or internal factors to be considered?
6) How does this issue affect public health? What are the implications for public health professionals?
7) Evaluate the options by addressing the following questions.
Within the paper, please address the following questions. Which option produces the best consequences?
Which option respects the duties, virtues, rights or obligations of those involved?
Which option treats people equally or proportionately?