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Essay:  Explanation of a Concept






Does the writer have two definitions which are introduced and cited in-text?

Does the writer have one or two sentences which integrate the quotes—explain how they are similar, different, and/or useful to consider?

Does the writer’s thesis statement

Identify the concept

Narrow a context in which the concept will be explained

State an opinion/claim about why it is important for the reader to understand the concept



Body paragraph(s)

P: Is the body paragraph focused on the explanation?

I:  Is the paragraph’s main idea illustrated with evidence?  Is the source use acceptably paraphrased and cited in-text?

E:  Does the writer give an opinion or an analysis of why the evidence is important or useful?



Is the conclusion personalized in a specific way?  Does it comment on the concept’s relevance to the writer’s personal, social, academic or family life?   Or does it connect in some meaningful way to the importance of the concept in the culture, society or region?



Is the essay well-edited for grammar and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, capitalization)?