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essay about a ariticle called “I’m a Cop

Write informative essay about a ariticle called “I’m a Cop: I Won’t Fight a War on Crime like I Fought the War on Terror.” by Patrick Skinner

Here the linke for the article
The focus is not on whether you agree with the author, rather, focus on what strategies the author is using to create a meaningful or effective piece.  This does not mean that you have to take everything the author says at face value.  If the author seems to over-emphasize emotional appeals, ignore counterarguments, or rely on faulty data, you are free – indeed, encouraged – to call them out on it.
A couple salient features to really consider when reading:
  • Where does the author show audience awareness?
  • What sort of stylistic or language tools does the author use to prove their point?
  • What are the purposes (notice that there are probably several) of the author?
  • What disciplines or discourses does the author draw from?
  • How does the author use rhetorical proofs (appeals to emotion, authority, and reason) to prove their point?