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Please present the predetermined thesis on the Essay: “The novel Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle and the film adaptation by Franklin J. Schaffner explores the social hierarchy displayed by the apes as a  reflection of modern society during the 60s.” This is the main idea of the essay but focuses more on “modern society during the 60s” like what was happening at the time and how this affected the entertainment or movies production, especially in the science fiction field involving obviously the 60’s novel and movie Planet of the Apes.
-Find at least 3 academic or professional sources (not including the texts)
– Compose a proper MLA Works Cited Page
-Any Internet source must also be available in print and come from an academic or professional publication or book, which falls within the cinema, media, or history category. –You may not use an info. website or Internet encyclopedia (Wikipedia, Booknotes, IMD
– You may not use blogs or any non published “paper” found through a resource website