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For this assignment, you will write your first draft for your second essay. The prompt is linked below. Please note it was updated on 3/11/2022: 

While your final draft will be 6-7 pages, I’d like your first draft for this essay to be at least 4.5 pages (NOT INCLUDING A WORKS CITE PAGE), double spaced, MLA style. Please use your graphic organizer, which you should do before you attempt this draft. Trust me, it’ll make life easier.

For this assignment, you will be completing this graphic organizer. Hopefully, the prompts in the boxes on the left will be self-explanatory. This assignment will help you form ideas for your essay. Feel free to divert from the organization and prompts if you need to. The prompts are there to help you brainstorm.

Here is the link to the assignment: 

Please download the file as a doc, complete it, and submit here on Canvas. You should do this before you attempt you first draft.