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Needs Clear Thesis Statement + Annotated bibliography

  • Length: 10 double-spaced pages.

  • Font: 12 point Times New Roman.

  • Margins: 1 inch all around.

  • Pages: Numbered

  • 1. Analytic Essay (i.e In what ways is the Last Laugh a German expressionist film? The main claim about the topic and its relationship to broader issues)

  •  2. Critical Review: A critical evaluation about the movie and what critics have to say about it. 

  • 3. Research Paper: A clear statement about the movie is taken and the topic, issue or problem is researched and a thesis defended.

  • paper should have evidence that you touched on these three broad categories: It’s got to have some analysis, some critique, and some research

Choose any of the following for topic: The Third Man, The Murderers are among us (German Expressionist film, Trummelfilm), Bicycle thieves, I Vitelloni, Umberto D (Italian Realist/Neo-realist film) On the Waterfront (Hollywood Realism, method acting). Just choose whichever is easiest to do, most if not all are availabe on youtube.