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  • For this essay, I want you to think about a SIMPLE creation that has impacted your world today.

  • Write a well-developed essay in which you choose ONE simple creation from today’s society and examine the impact it has on our society today.  I do not want a discussion of why the creation is bad or good; rather, I want you to offer insight as to the way it has impacted society.  Remember to avoid “advantages” and “disadvantages.”  You are going beyond that and examining the impact on society.  For example, the purpose of the mirror is to check your reflection.  This is NOT the impact— it’s the purpose.  The impact may be that society is overly concerned with appearance as seen through the emphasis on beauty, plastic surgery, and exercise.  Those would be the impacts to society.

  • Do NOT use a “technological discovery”—the cell phone, computer, etc.  You need to choose a SIMPLE object that has impacted society—something that you might use on a daily basis.

  • And I do NOT want a researched essay.  Think about the way that you use the object and then think about the way it has impacted society on a grander scale—the focus of the essay.

  • Below are some topics to choose from:

    • hand sanitizer

    • book ends

    • disposable diapers

    • clock

    • Whiteout

    • scented candles

    • toothbrush

    • post it notes

    • disposable lighter

    • mirror

    • picture frame

    • dog bed

    • bra

    • salt and pepper shakers

    • hand lotion

    • deodorant

    • Tupperware

    • bandaids