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I have attached a paper, you just need to revise it according to my professors comments. Do not delete anything rather just add.

Professor Notes:
– Add a real title for the next draft.
– Add the page numbers or page refs for each sentence with paraphrased material. (Go back into the sources you cited and find the pages you found the information and then put it to all the different information and quotes you have in your paper)
– Next you need to rework the main focus of this essay –right now it is more “what did Bullard state” than the exact assignment, which needs you to add: HOW does all of this information enable us to use, and apply the ideas of Environmental Justice.
– To add the HOW: Let us know in the Introduction some of what you will cover in your section on HOW. I am interested in how you read abstract concepts and now understand how to deploy them as actions, improvements, etc. Or HOW did reading Bullard enable you to see North Philadelphia differently?
Original Prompt: How do Environmental Justice ideas help us assess and understand problems we encounter and learn about in our reading and in the current world?

Structure of Assignment: You may want to start in the middle, and write the Introduction later. And you can’t write a Conclusion until the middle is done.

Introduction: Introduce the focus of your specific paper.

Introduce the sources you will be using. Tell us the writer or speaker, and the title of the source. Why will you be including it? What does it cover that you need in this paper?

For each source you include in your paper, write a minimum of 1 paragraph explaining HOW that writer/speaker defines or describes Environmental Justice, and what rhetorical tools that writer uses in their argument or presentation of that subject. You can consider of these rhetorical elements in your discussion, using examples from the text: structure, tone, vocabulary, logos, pathos, ethos, register (formal vs informal), authorial stance.

Then for each source in your paper, write a minimum of 1 paragraph considering HOW has Environmental Justice been applied in that source as a critical tool for analysis and understanding? What do you now understand better from the author’s argument and information? Include specific examples.

Your conclusion can consider:  Based on your essay so far,  in what specific ways or terms can we use Environmental Justice to better understand environmental issues? In what ways is Environmental Justice an important way to understand issues? Another way to put that is: In what ways is Environmental Justice a critical tool for analyzing issues, events, history, and our future Environmental challenges?