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Environmental injustice

Part 1: Empowerment Framework: Multifocal Lens Discuss your topic from aspects of the multifocal lens including: o Historical View (1 page) § Create a timeline brief descriptions specific to the progression of your topic. o Ecological View (1 Page) § Describe the ways in which people cope with the realities of the topic. § Describe power dynamics in the topic. o Ethclass Perspective (1 page) § Describe the realities of race, ethnicity and class related to the topic. o Cultural Perspective (1 page) § Describe how the topic intersects broadly with culture (regional, national, geographic, identity, etc.) o Feminist Perspective (1 page) § Describe the realities of gender related to the topic. (How are people of all genders impacted by the topic?) o Global Perspective (1 page) § Discuss the global impact of this topic. (Does this happen outside of the US? If so, does it differ from the US experience? If not, why do you think this is only an issue in the US?) o Critical Perspective (1 page) § Your summary thoughts on the topic. This is your opportunity to integrate this data and provide your critical perspective on the topic