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While you were performing your change readiness assessment, five employees from the U.S. call center quit as a group, along with the well-liked team lead.

Top management is very concerned about this sudden incident. The VP has asked for your help in identifying a permanent solution to the issue of attrition at the U.S. branch of the Singaporean software solutions provider.

You understand that attrition is primarily the result of low employee engagement. You are also aware that different employees may be engaged in diverse ways. You decide to make a presentation to explain the significance of employee engagement to the company leadership. You plan to also include the critical factors that influence employee engagement.


Create a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes to help the business leaders in the course scenario understand how and why their employees are disengaged. Specifically, you need to address the following criteria:

Note: Remember to use both on-screen text speaker notes in your PowerPoint slides to convey your information effectively. For example, you can use brief bulleted lists on the slide and include detailed explanations in your narration or speaker notes. (include necessary citations in speaker notes)

  1. Determine the impact of employee disengagement on attrition and productivity. (2 slides)
  • Which conditions adversely influence employee engagement?
  • How does employee disengagement impact attrition?
  • How does employee disengagement influence productivity?
  1. Describe two critical factors that influence employee engagement. (2 slides)
  • How can an organization positively influence workforce engagement levels?
  1. Identify and describe strategies (at least one) that can be used for improving employee engagement at the U.S. branch. (2–3 slides)

  1. Use the Employee Engagement Surveys and Leaders’ Self-Evaluations to assess the engagement levels of the employees at the U.S. branch. (2 slides)
  • Which conditions that adversely influence employee engagement are evident from the employee engagement surveys?
  • Are there any data points that indicate employees are disengaged?
    • Consider emphasizing these data points visually.