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Title clearly identifies the purpose of the study
Title is formatted according to APA style
Author’s name properly formatted
Heading is formatted/ first line not indented
Text is comprehensible to those who have not read it yet
no more than 200 words
Text incl: intro, hypotheses, methods, major findings
Heading is properly formatted
Frist paragraph introduces the purpose of the study
Lit review describes all relevant variables
Lit review is organized in a logical maner; the connection between all cited studies is clear.
Transitional statements are clear and informative
Summaries of studies are concise
Citations are formatted correctly
Hypotheses are stated clearly
Justification for study is clear
2-3 Pages
Sections ar organized according to APA style
Participants section includes number of participants, recruitment method and gender/ethnicity splits.
All questionnaires (if applicable) are described fully. Validity and reliability evidence provided if available.
Procedure section is written so that the reader can understand everything that happened to the participant.
Experimental manipulation is clear (if applicable)
1-2 Pages
Questions motivating each analysis are clear
Analyses used are appropriate for the questions
Statistics are reported according to APA format
Statistics are interpreted correctly
Only results reported; no extraneous information
1-2 Pages
Original hypotheses are restated and evaluated in light of the results of the study.
Inferences and generalization are appropriate based on the specifics of the study/results.
Weaknesses of the study are discussed, and are connected to the specific findings (i.e., state clearly how a specific weakness explains a sepcific finding).
Future research directions are discussed and related to specific findings and weakenesses of the study.
3-4 Pages
Paper is formatted according to APA style
Punctuation and grammar are clear and correct
Word choice is appropriate
Reference section is formatted correctly (at least 12 references)