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Please choose a research topic of your interest and of high priority in the United

Arab Emirates, and a research idea that you might operate as senior project for your

graduation. Using the internet, find sources and review the current literature related to your

topic. Your proposal must be your own work and submitted by the deadline set.

Projects proposals should be submitted on blackboard.

Please note that the shape, content, language, structure, organization and the format of

your proposal report will be taken into consideration when evaluating your final report. So be careful and

submit a professional and high-quality research proposal in order to get good marks. Font should be 12 Pt with 1.5 line spacing.

  1. Proposal Outline: 

The Proposal structure should include the following: 

  1. Cover page with your names, project name,..etc
  2. Abstract (250-word max)
  3. Table of content and page number
  4. Introduction including the statement of the problem/ significance of your study (2 pages max)
  5. Conceptual framework with clarifications (one page)
  6. Types of variables for your project
  7. General objective, specific objectives, research questions, and hypothesis
  8. Literature Review for your research (2 pages max)
  9. Methods (study design, settings, population, sample, data collection techniques ….etc).
  10. Data collection procedure / steps / stages for data collection
  11. Timetable for the whole project to be completed in 3 months
  12. Budget
  13. References at least 30 reference (APA style)
  14. Annex: data collection tool/ instrument (Questionnaire or interview or observation checklist ….etc) or any supporting document.