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Economic Development theory

Dr. Watkins presentation was a presentation where you learned a lot of information of Black women studies.  One of idea that she mentioned about throughout the presentation is critical issues in black women studies, this is one of the main focus. Another focus would be womanism and feminism debate and then lastly would be the non-aligned women. One quote that stood out to me the most as I was watching this presentation would be, “we can be stronger if we create a network with the people we meet” this stood out with me from Josephine quote because she even mentioned our women/ movement. This is how many are working together. After learning about compulsory women studies and how Watkins went into depth about all the information, it very organized for others to know and understand it all, this is one idea that I would like to dig deeper into this idea. This presentation was greatly laid out and Watkins had many examples to black woman studies.




African American Political Science



Aaron Haug


  1. What are 2-3 of the BIGGEST ideas expressed in the presentation?

– Political and Economic structures that play together and help develop a country to be self-sufficient and have a non-reliance on multinational companies- Economic Development theory
– Modernization theory: Countries should move from agriculture to industrialized but multinational companies would do it for them, which had a negative effect and left them lacking agriculture skills to feed their own people and reliant on these outside companies
-Dependency Theory: existing national and international economic and political systems are the cause of undeveloped countries’ political and economic situations.
And, what might make them important for those trying to understand African American political science?
They are important ideas because the political and economic effects that outside influences/companies/nations have on underdeveloped countries are some of the same issues that are affecting our own political and economic systems in the U.S for African Americans and minority groups.

  1. What is one quote that resonated most for you? (and, why?)

“The development of the west is at the expense of these countries.”
(African, Asian, South-American)
I chose this because the exploitation of these counties is similar to the exploitations that are happening and has happened to African American people throughout U.S. History and even today.

What one action might you take to apply what you’ve watched to your everyday life?

I have already started to do this with my purchases, but I try to make sure there is a sustainable relationship between the product(s) I buy, (as much as I can) and the countries that produce them. It is hard to try and walk that line given how many monopolies exist in our world and easily absorb and exploit the resources that these countries could use to develop and rise up to the levels that empower the west and European countries.