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You will finally develop the full draft and please use the attached partial draft to finish to Outline in the partial draft.

Follow the Action items below as a guide.

Action Items

  1. Review the requirements for a literature review, as described in the Literature Review Assignment Description.
  2. Review your intro and first section of your literature review, which you developed in the Literature Review: Partial Draftassignment in Unit 7.
  3. Review and consider the feedback you received from your peer in the Comparative Peer Review: Partial Draftassignment in Unit 8.
  4. Develop a full first draft of your literature review. Your literature review should be approximately 12-16 pages, conform to APA style, and include the following components:
  5. An introductionthat:
  6. Outlines the rationale (i.e., the problem of practice and the problem or gap of research) you hope to address.
  7. Provides a brief overview of the central themes, trends, and patterns you have observed in a given field.

iii.            Introduces the research question(s) you are pursuing.

  1. Outlines the central takeaway(s) from the review of the literature as it has been conducted thus far.
  2. A series of “body” sectionsthat discuss the particular themes, trends, and patterns you have observed in considerable depth.
  3. A conclusionin which you discuss what implications the literature review has for your own research and/or future research in the field more generally.
  4. Reference listthat includes approximately 25 sources that you have cited in your literature review.