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Ø    Topic should be in the form of a YES or NO question.

Ø    Use “at least” 4 peer-reviewed journal articles from Galileo. You can use the book, but that is in addition to the 4 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Ø    Don’t wait until the last minute to locate the articles.  You want to ensure the articles provide the information you will need for your paper, so you won’t have to change your topic at the last minute.

Ø    Peer-reviewed journal articles from Galileo – not older than 2015.

Ø    Outline for paper

     Introduction of Topic (should be in paragraph format, no heading of “Introduction” is needed, just an introductory paragraph) State your topic and why you chose it.

     Definition (heading should be centered/bold) Paragraph format; define your topic yourself or using a citation. You want to ensure your readers understand your presentation.

     Benefits/Advantages (heading should be centered/bold; use either Benefits or Advantages – you don’t have to use both) Should have 3 paragraphs (one benefit/advantage for each paragraph AND one citation per paragraph)

     Problems/Disadvantages (heading should be centered/bold; use either Problems or Disadvantages – you don’t have to use both) Should have 3 paragraphs (one problem/disadvantage for each paragraph AND one citation per paragraph)

     Implications/Strategies (heading should be centered/bold) Should have “at least” 3 implications/strategies – this is based on your topic and your school system.  This should serve as your “conclusion”, so a conclusion heading is NOT to be included.

Ø    Follow APA 7th edition format.  Title page (no running head & page numbers begin on title page)

Ø    Headings are centered/bold; References (heading is centered/bold)

Ø    Paper is double-spaced; 12 CPI; 5-7 pages of content PLUS title page AND Reference page.

Ø    ONLY 1 Direct Quote can be used.

Ø    Follow APA citation format – See attachments as a point of reference.

Ø    At least 4 Galileo peer-reviewed journal articles. All citations used in the paper must be on the reference page.