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There are 3 discussion questions and you have to answer each question with 300 words maximum. resources are provided under each question please do not use anything from outside just use the resoruces or material provided here.

1. Discussion question :

West and Zimmerman turn to Goffman to show how ‘doing gender’ is supported by institutional frameworks such as washrooms (‘male’ and ‘female’). In Canada, breastfeeding in public remains controversial.

Poet Hollie McNish tackles breastfeeding in public in her poem ‘Embarrassed’.

2. Discussion question :

Discuss the social construction of age in the context of college.

What factors influence the social construction of age in this context?

3. Discussion question :

To begin with a question raised by McMullin in the introduction of the textbook (Chapter 1):

“Some people argue that social welfare recipients are lazy, that they don’t want to work, and that governments should not contribute to the ‘cycle of poverty’ by providing these people with monetary assistance. These arguments focus on individual attributes in explanations of poverty. Discuss the alternative, structural explanation of poverty.”

chapter 1 pdf file is uploaded for this question.