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Instructions: Watch The Unnamed Conspirator video. Read chapters 2 and 3.

Response: Responses for each question should be a minimum of 5 complete sentences.

Use the video and the textbook to respond to the questions. Many of the questions are addressed in the video and the textbook.

  1. Why do many victims of rape fail to perceive themselves as victims of a crime?  Why do many perpetrators of rape fail to view themselves as perpetrators?
  2. What are some reasons why individuals that have been sexually victimized do not report their victimizations?
  3. In the video Munch discuss the findings of a survey of Rhode Island school children.  What were the finding from that survey (put all three findings)? What impact could these perceptions have on the students in the future? Why do you think the students have these perceptions?
  4. What is rape myth acceptance? What impact does rape myth acceptance have on juries? Provide examples from the real cases she uses in the video where the juries acquitted a perpetrator or there were hung juries.
  5. What is the problem with focusing on victim behavior and characteristics in rape and sexual assault cases? Why do we tend to do this instead of focusing on the perpetrator?
  6. Munch references the unnamed conspirator throughout the video. What is the unnamed conspirator and how does it influence rape cases?