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Discussion: Jules Evans, Graduation: Socrates and the Art of Departure-Appendix 3

For this discussion, read Graduation: Socrates and the Art of Departure through the end of Appendix 3 of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Problems. What is his main point in each of these sections of the book? How does Evans conclude his book? How does the conclusion relate to the thesis and to the body of Evans’ book?Write down your own thought, feelings, or opinions about these philosophies.
Finally, I can’t emphasize this enough: refer to, interpret, and ask for help with difficult and/or important passages in the text. Do not be satisfied with simply offering general statements about what the author is doing, although that can be part of your original post.
Again, your replies should be substantial. You will be writing an essay on this book, so use the discussion to figure out the main ideas and understand key passages