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Discussion – Innovations

What constitutes a substantial posting


All substantive post at a minimum will meet the follow these criteria:

·        A minimum of 200 word count of content, which does not include, quotes, “I agree”, summations/synopsis of another posting, and/or the critiquing of another posting

·        Integrate your perspective, theory, research, and/or professional experience in your own words

·        Include specific examples and/or substantiating evidence

·        Include where and when applicable in-text citations and references in APA format

(No citation are not required)

·        Stay on topic

·        Demonstrate proper spelling, grammar, and scholarly tone


The following items do not count toward participation and/or a substantial post

·        Formal assignments (Individual)

·        Posts that merely state agreement or reiterate a previous post, which also does not count toward the minimum word count

·        Private messages

·        Notes sent to the facilitator’s email address