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1. offer real-world examples for five (5) types of strategies that are listed in the table within the Mind Map . Eg: Foreword integration, Backward integration, Horizontal integration, Market penetration, Market development  3

2. 1. Tesla has spent significantly on R&D compared to other automobile companies in the world. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of this strategy? 4
3. develop a SPACE Matrix for a global company that you are familiar with. Include two factors for each of the four axes (SP, IP, SP, and CP). Please be sure to identify the particular strategies the organization should consider based on the results of your SPACE Matrix.  6
4.  Select a company and analyze how at least three (3) of its internal functions (e.g., Management, marketing, and R&D) negatively or positively contribute to the implementation of its strategy or strategies. 7
5.“Evaluating strategies on a continuous rather than a periodic basis is desired.” Discuss the pros and cons of this statement. 9