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Discussion: Designer babies

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Advances in biotechnology have brought about a multitude of ethical dilemmas for our global society. At this point, human ability to manipulate DNA is far more limited by what we should do, than what we can do.

To prepare for this discussion, watch the following:

  • The ~5 min TED-Ed video, “How CRISPR lets you edit DNA (Links to an external site.)
  • The ~14-min TEDx video, “Designer Babies: Model Status Gene Pools (Links to an external site.)“, by local Santa Clara University student Andre Blair

Part 1

After watching the videos linked above, compose a discussion post including your views on the following:

  1. What do you think- are designer babies, in any form, a good idea for our global society? There is no “right” answer here… but as with any good-natured debate, please give us a brief rationale for your opinion based on what you learned in the assigned videos
  2. Can you see designer babies playing a role in your life- either personally, or in your local community? Please describe
  3. If you were in charge, how would you propose to regulate genetic engineering of humans? Again, no “right” answer! This is meant to get you thinking about potential solutions to this challenging issue
  4. What is one question you still have about genetic engineering in humans?

Part 2

Reply to at least one classmate to help answer their question, and/or build on their proposal for regulating genetic engineering of huv