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 English 297: Disability and Literature Professor Wes Folkerth

TA Shannon Constantine

Second Essay Assignment


Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and carefully proofread before submission. The suggested length for this essay assignment is 8-10 pages. Do not use a separate title page; include your name, student number, the course number, and the date at the top of the first page. Following this, provide the title for the essay, which should be descriptive and not generic. Please leave a one-inch margin on all sides, which will allow us to comment on your work. Use a standard font (such as Times), and keep to a 12 point font size in consideration of your reader.

Evaluation Criteria:
1) Evidence of thoughtful study of the works treated
2) In-depth analysis of quotations and other evidence
3) Organization and development of argument
4) Effectiveness of writing
5) Correctness of format, presentation, and attention to detail
6) Use of proper citation format (MLA or Chicago, just be consistent)


Anne Finger’s “Helen and Frida”

Provide a reading of the text from the perspective of the opportunities it affords for intersectional interpretation and understanding. How does the text’s representation of disability intersect with, and interact with Feminist concerns and experience? How do these subject positions illuminate each other in the text? In what important ways do they remain distinct?

ONLY USE THE TEXTS PROVIDED AND “Anne Finger’s “Helen and Frida”” as references.