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Developmental Issues Presentation/Discussion
Your task is to pretend that you are either a counselor or a nurse educator, and you are preparing a presentation for new parents-to-be.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, which is a program housed under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, has great information on developmental disabilities.
Click here for access:
Choose one of the specific conditions to include in your presentation. (Hopefully, this information will help you gain more knowledge or skill in an area that you can use in your current or future work in counseling, nursing, or parenthood).
You are responsible for creating a Report or Fact Sheet over your developmental disabilities, focusing on one only. Remember that your audience: brand new, never-before parents-to-be. Please keep them engaged by using helpful information that has meaning to them and by creating an attractive presentation.
  1. Description of what developmental disabilities are and why our audience should know more about them
  2. An overview of the disability you’ve selected, which will include: Why is it important for your audience to know about the three developmental disabilities you’ve presented?
    1. Diagnosis
    1. Description
    2. Symptoms
    3. Treatment options
    4. Research and data
    5. Prevention
  3. Relevance of this problem/topic to minority populations
  4. A conclusion summarizing the project including your personal perspectives and thoughts about the future of this topic
  5. References