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Description and Process Analysis Essay

Write  a three -five paragraph Process Analysis  essay on one topic below using the Informative or directional process explaining how something works or was made or giving directions, and you must include an extended or brief description of the process.

Here are topics for this essay:

Option #1: Write a process analysis in which you create your own lifestyle advice. Choose something that many people do in life, perhaps on a daily basis, and write about how they can do that activity better it they follow your advice. Make the steps of the process clear to your readers with good transitions and appropriate detail.

Option #2-Write a process analysis and description essay in which you write about building or creating an object, food, or idea.

  • Determine the best strategy of informational or directional process for your expository essay. You must use description strategies in your essay

This week ,you must complete the following: 

1. a  prewriting strategy of your choice brainstorming 15 ideas. (15pts.)

2. Then write an outline using the outline form below. (15pts)

This essay should not exceed 3 pages and use MLA style.