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Part II – Create a PowerPoint to present to class during the Monday evening meetings. in weeks 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Email to sign up for your time slot – first come, first serve!  PowerPoint presentation should last no more than 10 minutes, around 10-15 slides. Include title and reference slides.  You will be required to submit a copy of your PPT slides by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. in week #8 with your paper.

Things to Remember:

Create your reference page. The college library must be used for at least one of your references.  The reference page should include at least three references in proper APA format.  The reference page should not be counted as one of the required five pages.

Please make sure that you carefully edit your paper.  This paper should be written professionally as if it was something you would be turning into the president of your company.  Please plan your paper and time carefully.  Schedule enough time to take your paper to the Writing Center or a Tutor in the TLCC for review.

OBJECTIVE: To describe and analyze your organizational setting and context, setting the stage for the job analysis and performance appraisal process. (200 points total)


• Describe the organization. Company’s history: their development from its beginning to the present day (including codes of conduct, etc.). Give an accurate description of the company including its mission and vision. (Hint: describe what you feel is unique to this company and what makes this company/store/organization successful. Do not copy and paste the mission, vision, or the ABOUT page from their website. Read, synthesize, and restate in your own words)
• Organizational Structure: Diagram the organizational framework in the company, noting relationships that indicate line and staff authority relationships. If the company provides such a chart, you may use it, however, this information does not count toward the required page count.
• What products or services are provided? (you may include links to catalogs, sales literature,
photographs, and other information in this section, but these do not count toward required pages).
• What are the demographics of the staff & target clients? Write a brief profile of the target customer of this company. You may include company-written information, interviews, and discussions with others in the company. Do your research, do not assume you know what demographics are targeted or prevalent. Dig and find out who the company specifically is marketing to.
• Provide a financial overview of the company. Is it publicly traded, privately owned, a partnership, or incorporated? Why have they chosen this structure? Does it work well for them? Are they profitable? Do they practice sustainability?

✓ You are expected to describe your agency or organization, ideally, a company where you work or have worked.
✓ Develop a five-page paper, not including reference page(s), charts, or the cover page. It must be typewritten and follow APA format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins) and include proper references.
✓ Organize the various parts of your paper with the section headings provided (headings are identified in bold). Be sure you answer all subsections of each heading.

✓ Proofread and edit your paper and presentation carefully.  Plan enough time to take your paper to the writing studio or the TLCC tutors for review.  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format all count!

1. Organizational Setting (10%)
• Describe the organization.
• What are the demographics of the staff & clients?
• What services are provided?

2. Management Practices (20%)
• Which management theory does your organization subscribe to?
• Critique the use of the adopted theory. Describe the strengths, limitations, and challenges of the implemented theory.
• If you could, would you keep the existing management theory? Why or why not? If not, which theory would you suggest and why?

3. Organizational Climate (25%)
• What is the climate of the organization? The guiding philosophy? The stated and unstated values?
• Which type of organization is this company? What are the human resource needs?
• How are decisions made in your organization?
• How do individuals form relationships, adapt to the environment, and terminate?

4. Diversity Orientation (25%)
• What is the diversity orientation at your organization? Critique your organization’s
emphasis on diversity.
• What strategies does your organization implement to create a diverse and inclusive orientation?

5. Conclusion (10%)
• Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion to this assignment.
• How did this analysis impact your overall learning?
• How did this assignment help you in relation to the course readings and materials?
• Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular: a) The clarity with which you introduce and describe your organization and other key components of this assignment; and b) Your conclusions, including a description of your overall learning and its relation to the course readings and material.