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Describe National Pharmaceutical’s organizational strategy.

Briefly describe National Pharmaceutical’s organizational strategy. How can the HR team create alignment between the organization’s goals and the HR strategy? (Please limit your response to 75 words.)
Long Answer

Imagine you are part of the HR team at National Pharmaceuticals. Your job is to help the team identify the main challenges the company is facing and to provide actionable and data-driven recommendations for improvement.

Part 1: Identify 4 HR problems or issues from the case.
Clearly identify the HR domain(s) (e.g. job analysis, recruitment, selection, training & development, performance management, total rewards, etc.)
Why do you think the issue is occurring? Provide support from the case or course materials as to why you believe this is an important challenge for the company. Make sure you reference pages or exhibits in your reasoning.

Part 2: Provide 4 actionable HR-related recommendations for National Pharmaceuticals that will help the company meet the goal of reducing the attrition rate to meet industry standards.
Your solution or strategy should address one or more of the issues you previously identified. These issues and their solutions may be related to each other, and you have the option of integrating your solutions. If you decide to propose one integrated solution that addresses more than one issue, make sure you clearly explain how that solution might address two or more issues that you have identified.
Clearly explain and justify why you think each recommendation will improve the situation for National Pharmaceuticals. Your answers should draw on course readings, materials, and presentations or reputable outside resources.

these are the questions to be answered


apa formatting has to be followed