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I understand that this is a really personal and private topic.

i’d like to specify what i’d want to have in the essay.  I am applying to a b-school in india, ISB.
here is what i would like the essay to be about.

The younger me never really cared much about herself or my academics. I was always a person who studied 2 or 3 days prior to the exam and would score decent marks. I never showed interest in my academics as I never knew or figured out what I wanted to do. While I was in my 12th grade, I was surrounded with students who were academically very very strong. When the exam results were out, I found myself in the bottom 10 in the class. I was made fun of by my own classmates, teachers and people around me. This made me question my existence. I tried and tried, studied hard and scored decent grades, but I knew there was some void. I am a person who gives my 100% for something I love doing. I then started exploring my options, and researching about the opportunities out there. Few weeks down the line, I made a roadmap of where I would like to see myself 10years down the line. Ever since then, I liked working on myself, on my academics. It gave me immense happiness and satisfaction. And this was only because I love what I am doing right now. I’m proud of who I am today. In order to get to where I want to be, I need to work harder and harder, and I know I’ll get there some day.

If you ask me how this changed my perspective towards others , including myself, I’d never look down on someone who is weak at academics or anything else. I’ve gone through alot of trauma due to failures back then, I know how difficult it is to live around people who make fun of you. I would never ever look down on myself or on others. Maybe they are still trying to figure out what they want to become or are still working on themselves just like me. No matter how bad the situation might be, I’d never disrespect anyone because of where they are in terms of academics or life. You just need to give everyone some time, and they’ll become the best version of themselves