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Define critical thinking

  • For this assignment, you must define critical thinking in your own words. AND Briefly describe (one page) why thinking critically is important. So this is a short essay, and it requires you to do 2 things. You must define the concept of critical thinking and make a strong case for why it is valuable for a person to practice it. You may understand “importance” broadly as being ethical, practical, economic, historical, artistic, or functional. The key thing is that this is an open-ended essay where you are defining a concept and making a case based on that definition. So here is what a good short essay needs:
  • A title page, properly formatted in APA style
  • An introduction and a thesis statement that explains what you will prove in the paper
  • The use of AT LEAST one source to help you define critical thinking and as many other sources, as you may need, to prove why it has value. 
  • A body of the paper where you do the work of making your case
  • A conclusion that restates the thesis and resolves the paper
  • A reference page, properly formatted in APA style