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decriminalized the possession and use of marijuana

You are in a state that has recently decriminalized the possession and use of marijuana (Oregon has also recently done this as documented in the Associated Press’s article, “Oregon 1st state to decriminalize possession of drugs (Links to an external site.)“). Some states, like California (as described in Reuters’ “California’s Workplace Protections for Marijuana Users (Links to an external site.)“) and New York (as documented in JD Supra’s “New York Passes Employment Protections For Recreational Cannabis Use (Links to an external site.)“) are considering placing limits on an employer’s right to test employees for legal drugs. In addition, interaction with the ADA for medical users of marijuana has recently come up.). The state has determined that it will adopt anti-discrimination protections for employment on the basis of marijuana use.

In addition, the state has banned drug testing applicants for marijuana, with exceptions for positions involving construction, police, commercial driving, supervision of children, and other occupations involving health and safety (this type of ban has already been implemented in New York City and California is considering it). Your organization needs to craft a company policy to address drug testing in the current environment and your boss has asked you to take the lead. What recommendations do you make?

I live in the state of Alabama