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“As you progress through your interviews, you may find that you need to write a letter declining a job offer” (Bovee & Thill, 2019, p.576).

Task: Allison Lee has accepted a job with The Wiz (an online marketing company), so she has to turn down the job offer she got from Acme Marketing. Below is an email that Allison wrote to Judith Harper the Marketing Team Coordinator. Please read it and analyze the strengths and weaknesses so you can advise Allison if she needs to make any changes.


1. Minimum length 200 words in two paragraphs – one for the strengths, and one for weaknesses.

2.  It should be analysis and not a mere listing of strengths and weakness. You need to explain to Allison Rodriguez what is strong in the message and what needs to be changed. Offer evidence from the letter, and the book to support your opinion and convince Allison.

3. Paragraphs must be organized with unity and flow.

4. Language and  grammar always count so proofread multiple times.

The message for Analysis:

Subj: Sorry for the Inconvenience about my Decision

Dear Judith:

Thank you for interviewing me last month and offering me the position of Marketing Associate at Acme Trading. I’m happy that you have offered me the job. As of now, I will not be accepting the position as it does not fit my needs of working from home rather than in an office. 

I received a more suitable job that better fits my needs with a more generous offer, so I have decided to take them up on their offer. I do apologize that in the end, we couldn’t see it through, but in the long run the other offer the other company introduced was too good to turn down.

Thank you so much for taking time to interview me and sharing information with me about the job opportunity and your company. Wish I could have worked with you, but perhaps we will be acquaintances down the road. I wish you and Acme all the best.