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Decision making

 select one company that is experiencing decision-making directly associated with the topic, and prepare a Written

 Report discussing the findings and recommendations. The case you choose should have already been determined in the

Project Overview, therefore the report shall be based on whatever was decided in the Project Overview.

Case Title

Table of Contents


  • Industry Overview
  • Company Overview
  • Assigned Topic Overview

Case Evaluation *

  • Case Background
  • Statement of Problem(s)
  • Case Analysis and Findings

Alternative Strategies

  • Offer a minimum of 3 possible strategies on how to solve what isn’t working and/or how to improve its current condition
  • Evaluate the strategies by offering testable evidence


  • Summarize the main points from the case evaluation and alternative strategies
  • Discuss the final recommendation that you would choose and explain why your choice is appropriate

References List**

  • Provide all APA citations


  • Include any supporting illustrations, diagrams, tables, data etc. that could not be placed in the main body of your report (optional)

* All ideas must be founded upon theoretical rationale and a solid understanding of the concepts related to class. Support your decisions and rationale with proper sources, and write using your own words based on research rather than copy/pasting other’s words from the internet!


** You should use proper APA in-line citations, image source citations, and an alphabetical citations list in a references section. Basic instructions on how to do this will be covered in class.  Use credible academic sources for reference e.g.  business journals, periodicals, and textual references as well as any online research).