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Your assignment for the research paper is to submit a legal synopsis and analysis on the introduction and use of expert testimony in the field of D.N.A. comparison sampling in the State of Colorado.  You should tailor your paper to a comprehensive discussion of only this field of evidence.


The format of your paper must include the following:

At least 8 pages in length

APA in-text citations or MLA with a Works Cited Page

Your paper should constitute a complete legal and factual analysis of D.N.A testing, from the evolution of the concept to its present usage in the Colorado State Court system.  This paper is NOT scientific analysis of D.N.A. testing.  Rather, your focus should begin with the history of this expert testimony and its usage in the America Judicial system.  While your analysis will include laws in various jurisdictions, the purpose of this paper is an analysis of this testing format in the Colorado State Judicial System.  At a minimum, you paper should address:


  1. The overall jurisprudence history of D.N.A testing
  1. The specific Rule of Evidence which allows this type of testimony in Colorado
  1. The reliability of this type of testimony and it’s basis for expert status
  1. A discussion of three specific instances in the Colorado Court System where D.N.A. testing is used
  1. At least three cited Colorado State Court cases where this type of testimony had an impact on the proceedings

This assignment will require both your understanding of the concept of D.N.A. testing, as well as the method by which the courts allow such testing in Colorado.