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Hunt (1977) provides a detailed review of Herzberg’s work and tests a two-factor
model of customer satisfaction yet does so using quantitative methods ofanalysis.customer
satisfactionhave proposed that customersmay not be just satisfied or dissatisfied; rather,
they may be simultaneously satisfied and dissatisfied .
Crosby et al. (1990) states that satisfaction is a summarizing construct which contains
an evaluation of the quality of all the previous interactions with the supplier. There exist
two types of satisfaction. First, we have overall satisfaction which is cumulative over all
the transactions and interactions. It is a customers’ cognitive and affective evaluation
based on their personal experience across all service episodes within the
relationship. Secondly, we have transactional satisfaction which is transaction specific.
We are of course interested in the overall satisfaction because this cumulative satisfaction
is the basis for the expectations about future interactions with the supplier.