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At the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Present and defend opinions about The Affordable Care Act
Identify two problems facing health care for Americans
Distinguish between the Affordable Care Act failures and the solutions to fix health care for all Americans
Health Care for America
Once upon a time the United States operated its health system as private pay health insurance. With the introduction of HMO’s such as Kaiser and other companies, many Americans were still without health coverage. America still has private health insurance, which includes both HMO and PPO, and ACA; however, the costs of insurance for all under the ACA continued to rise, and many were forced to buy it or be fined, both very costly. The Affordable Care Act was introduced into law by President Barak Obama, and today with a new President, and different political party, are trying to repeal and replace this law. This is no easy task. The articles propose two different viewpoints and is selected to give you information to form a discussion for the post this week. You may search EBSCO for more references.
Many European countries have single payer health plans but they all differ in their scope. As America continues to find the balance and deliver health care to all, this weeks discussion is to read the two PDF articles assigned, and research one European countries single payer health system, and write your initial discussion summarizing what America’s health insurance system provides, and compare and contrast what country health system you chose to compare with America, and state your opinion for an idea or solution to the problem America faces in making these decisions. After you read your peers posts, respond (respectfully and kindly) to their post with suggestions, critique, or opinion, with references to back up your assertions.
Use the links below to access the journal articles for different perspectives and aspects of the Affordable Care Act.
The Affordable Care Act – Moving Forward in the Coming Years
Reference: Gostin, L., Hyman, D., Jacobson, P., (2017). American Medical Association. Retrieved from: by a Walden University User on 05/17/2017 .
The Future of the Affordable Care Act.
Reference: Rosenfeld, J., (2016). The Future of the Affordable Care Act. Medical Economics. Retrieved from: .
Hello, class, week two is about the Health Care and the Affordable Care Act OR Universal Healthcare . Give us your (well researched) thoughts on this topic. Please include at least 2 links to articles for reference.
Be sure to give your informed opinion. You can discuss pros and cons – but also give your opinion on what legislation (if any) should exist and why.
Please write at least 4 fully formed paragraphs. I am looking for you to demonstrate critical thought and analysis.
You must also thoughtfully respond to at least 1 other student’s post, though I encourage you to do more!