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These 2 paged papers (Times New Roman, 12-point font, 2 full pages) are NOT intended to be summaries of the readings, but rather a place for you to analyze the readings and to engage with key concepts that stood out to you.  You will be graded on your ability to synthesize main ideas from the readings, apply the concepts to real life experiences in schools, and critically think more about education, society, and culture. Questions that could guide these assignments are: Was there something in the readings that you had never considered?  Did any of the ideas presented help to frame experiences you have had or have observed in schools? How have these ideas deepened, challenged, or changed your understandings of education? In-depth references to at least 3-4 readings is required.

– Use in text citations and cite your sources using APA format 
– the three sources are the readings I will be providing. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES