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Critial Book Review of Practicing Citizenship Women’s Rhetoric at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. 4 pages chicago style with footnotes.

Maddux thesis contends that citizenship is less than a state of being and more of a set of behaviors.

In a four-page thesis-driven essay you will analyze and critique Kristy Maddux’s monograph Practicing Citizenship: Women’s Rhetoric at the 1893 Chicago’s World’s Fair. Do NOT merely regurgitate the content in the form of a summary (book report). Rather, the successful critical review goes beyond mere summation and description; therefore, you must demonstrate that you have read the text carefully and thoughtfully by discussing how the author renders her subject. The successful review analyzes and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of Maddux’s work and includes all the following elements:

Briefly summarize the topic (no more than two paragraphs). Identify the author’s thesis, core arguments, and themes; include specific examples from the text. Does the author support and fully develop her argument(s)? If so, how; if not, why not?Include specific examples from the text to support your assertions.

Identify types of evidence used by the author and evaluate the effectiveness of such evidence by using specific examples from the text. Identify any problems associated with the author’s use of evidence. Identify any gaps between argument and evidence, if present. Do the gaps weaken the author’s work overall? Support your claims with specific examples.

Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the monograph. Identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the text (in terms of her thesis, use of evidence, organization, and usefulness in terms of presenting new insights and the quality of those insights); support your claims with specific examples. How does the book help you better understand the relationship between the late nineteenth-century women’s suffrage movement and World’s Fairs as public platforms by which to advocate for suffrage?