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critical analysis for the film “Husband For Hire.”

Your task is to provide a 3-5 page critical analysis for the film “Husband For Hire.” Since this movie revolves around interactions and portrayals of different cultures, the key for this assignment is to employ an intercultural frame of reference within which to base your analysis. As you write, consider the following:


  • What are the cultures and subcultures included in this movie?
  • Which cultural syndromes, discussed in the reading “Culture and Conflict,” apply to these cultures?
  • What are the intercultural conflicts presented in this film?
  • One of the “Characteristics of Culture” as defined in the article “Understanding Intercultural Communication” from the course reading states that culture is based on symbols.  What cultural symbols did you see displayed in this film?  What did these symbols represent?


NOTE:  Inclusion of quotes from and/or references to the course readings are required in order to earn full credit on this assignment. (Links to an external site.)